Making some new cards.

I've been back at my folks house, working away on that hulking beast of a machine - The Arab. This is it's official name, written large on it's cast iron frame, not just an odd racial slur I came up with myself. I went simple on the design (again). I thought about patterns and designs but decided to just print the domain name and play around with the font colour instead.
PhotobucketPlaying around with the font colour involves smudging different colours onto a large inking plate - which then gets slowly transferred onto the rollers and onto your print - it's a very special way of doing it, you have to be brave because you don't know exactly how it will come out.PhotobucketAnd because it's a massive, manual, Victorian printer it can handle my favourite material - grey board. Not like whimsy little 21st century printers that cough and whine and spit out your A4 half done. Best of all - I got a handsome amount of cards for an outlay of only £5! Smart.