The Pilea Palais.

So Pilea growth continues and I've had to construct a high-rise nursery unit in my bedroom.PhotobucketIt's quite an organised affair - parent plants occupy the penthouse suite at the top. Below them is the nursery, where the toddlers hang out. I also put those plants that have suffered trauma in with the toddlers . . . hmm. Photobucket
The other day I put an up-ended glass over a small Pilea to help it grow, unfortunately a caterpillar got in there and ate all the leaves - that poor specimen was hot-footed to the trauma ward and is actually doing ok now. Heartwarming.
And the bottom two floors are for the drones.
The end.


  1. hi there!
    just found your blog through rike from bastisRIKE!
    in my favorites already!
    happy to meet you!
    have a beautiful evening!
    evdokia :)

  2. Hello! Happy to meet you too! Have a splendid evening yourself. X

  3. Aren't those pilea plants gorgeous. I just got my first one and can't wait untill it grows big and strong.

  4. How exciting, your first baby. Good luck.

  5. i love your construction so much! it's crazy how fast these ones go! i should start a small pilea shop :)

  6. Yes you should! They do make babies so quickly - so rewarding.